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Welcome to Thaulle Resort Sri Lanka

Experience the spiritual charm of Sri Lanka in the calm and seclusion of our resort, enjoy holistic treatments in our Ayurveda centre and explore stunning destinations such as the Yala National Park. At Thaulle Resort, all this is possible – in harmony with nature and in harmonious coexistence with the Sri Lankan people. See for yourself in our informational film:

We are your certified Ayurveda Bio-Resort in Sri Lanka

“We are a member of the TourCert community and are qualified regarding the ecological and social standards of TourCert. Based on a self-assessment we implement an action plan which is reported to TourCert annually Quelle

Our Hotel


The Thaulle Resort combines the advantages of three hotel concepts: as a design hotel, we spoil you with the visual sophistication of individually furnished rooms where Western ideals of comfort meet Sri Lankan craftsmanship; as an Ayurveda hotel, we offer holistic treatments in our professional treatment centre, under the supervision of the best doctors in the country; and as a eco hotel, we are committed to the sustainable use of resources and food.

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Our Ayurvedic offering


For our Ayurveda guests, we have built a private treatment centre. It is slightly separated from the rest of the hotel, so you can concentrate on your treatment, without distraction. Our services range from individual treatments to complete spa cures. Each treatment is tailored to your personal needs and follows a holistic approach, which also includes diet and medications. The senior physician, Dr. Upul, has over 15 years of experience in the management of European spa guests. During your treatments, German- or English-speaking aides will be available to you.

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Nearby activities


The Thaulle Resort is the ideal starting point to explore the originality and variety of Sri Lanka. Explore the spiritual wonder of religious sites, such as the holy city of Kataragama. Or explore the impressive flora and fauna of the Yala National Park, one of the largest leopard reserves in the world. You can find peace and relaxation on the hotel grounds or in the seclusion of our private beach at Kirinda Beach.

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Location of the hotel


In the southern province of Sri Lanka, away from the hubbub of the Western world, our hotel lies surrounded by nature. From each room, you can enjoy a wonderfully peaceful view over the neighbouring Yoda Lake. The surrounding area invites you to explore a little bit: along the lake, in the nearby village or at the fish market of Kirinda. Buddhist spirituality permeates the region. It shows itself in the holy city of Kataragama, which is only a few kilometres away from the hotel, or in the magnificent stupa Tissamaharama Vihara, which towers over Yoda Lake.

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Our culinary offerings


Our experienced chefs leave no culinary desires unfulfilled. We spoil you with delicacies of local and international cuisines. For our Ayurveda guests, we offer special dishes that support your treatment. We cook exclusively with fresh foods, which we source almost entirely from the region and partly from our own fruit, vegetable and herb gardens, all in accordance with our Green Philosophy. Fish and seafood come directly from the Yoda Lake or from the nearby fish market in Kirinda.

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