Ayurveda Thaulle Resort in Sri Lanka

At Thaulle Resort, we do everything possible to make your stay in Sri Lanka memorable. To achieve this, our Resort combines the advantages of three hotel concepts:

  1. You enjoy the visual sophistication of a designer hotel with us.
  2. We offer you the relaxing seclusion and curative treatments of an Ayurveda hotel.
  3. Our use of resources and the nature around us corresponds to the sustainability promise of an eco hotel.

With your arrival at Thaulle Resort, you turn your back on the hustle and bustle of daily life. We have built a treatment centre for our Ayurveda guests slightly separated from the rest of the hotel. Thereby we ensure that you can focus on the healing effects of your treatments without any distraction.

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Our hotel

Our hotel obtained its name from its incomparable location right next to the Yoda Lake. In the Sinhala language “Thaulle” means “shore”. Each of the 28 rooms has a large glass front with a balcony and lets enjoy you the view over the lake and the beautiful scenery. Inside, our rooms flatter the eye with visual stimuli: they are individually furnished with handpicked antiques from Sri Lanka. The rooms are spread over two buildings, one of which is reserved for the accommodation of our Ayurveda guests. In both hotel buildings there is a choice of different room types types, which offer something for every taste. To provide a carefree stay for our guests who have difficulties with walking, most of the rooms are accessible by elevator.
Our guests receive all Ayurvedic treatments in our separate Ayurveda centre. Here you have the possibility to enjoy the healing effects of all treatments in a calm environment and to indulge in complete relaxation.
All treatments and examinations are done by our professionally trained therapists in an intimate atmosphere in our private treatment rooms. The use of our own pharmacy guarantees a reliable supply of medicines. Here you will find only certified Ayurvedic medicines. The Ayurvedic centre also has its own garden, overlooking the soothing Yoda Lake. If you want, come between individual treatments to rest and leave the weight of everyday life behind you. You can practice Yoga in our loft, which provides a beautiful view over the lake. By the way: You can also use the loft for retreats. You can even rent this space for retreats.

The restaurant

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In our lake-view restaurant, we indulge you with specialties from three different cooking cultures: our chefs are trained in both the domestic (Sri Lankan) and the healing Ayurvedic cuisines, as well as varied international cuisines.

On-site gym and pool

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Guests will find opportunities for sporting activities in our on-site gym and pool. The spacious pool area is monitored around the clock. To ensure optimal water quality, we test it several times per day. Even if you do not enjoy swimming, the unique, hand-made decorations from natural stone and the ornate carvings make a stay by the pool a rewarding experience.

Vegetable garden

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Our magnificent garden offers you countless retreat possibilities. The various relaxation areas provide comfortable spots for sitting or lying down, depending on your personal mood. You can take a sightseeing tour of our accessible fruit and vegetable garden for a more active relaxation break. One of our staff members will be happy to guide you through this fascinating plant kingdom.

“Regional solidarity”: sustainability and local coexistence

Thaulle Resort has dedicated itself to gentle and sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka. We would like to offer our guests – in conformity and harmony with the nature around us and the people of the region – an unforgettable stay. Accordingly, our Resort concept rests on four “green pillars”, ensuring sustainability and balance:

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Renewable energy:

we produce the power for the Resort, in large part, by ourselves, with our own biogas and solar plants.


Home-grown foods:

according to our high quality aims, we offer our guests only fresh food. We grow – as far as possible – our own fruits and vegetables. The same applies to spices and herbs.


Support for the region:

we feel committed to the people of Sri Lanka and want to be an asset to the local community. Therefore, we prefer co-workers from the region, employ local craftsmen and involve ourselves in the local community. In order to strengthen the region economically, we rely largely on local materials and products.



the preference for local products means, conversely, that we largely dispense with imported goods. In keeping with our green principles, we use no disposable items, such as plastic bottles, at Thaulle Resort.

Our team

Our experienced team is available for your questions and wishes around the clock. When selecting our employees, we pay attention not just to professional qualifications but also especially to openness and friendliness. Sri Lanka rightly bears the title “Land of Smiles” – an image your visit to the Thaulle Resort will confirm.

We would like to introduce some of our team members to you, so that you can already convince yourself of our competence before even leaving home.

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Thilak Wettimuni is our hotel manager and visionary. He spent more than ten years in Germany and is fluent in German and English. Thilak visited many hotels in Europe to find out what perfect service consists of. He then returned to his homeland to build a unique hotel that combines the Western conception of comfort with the understanding of peace, serenity, humility and satisfaction that is so typical of Sri Lanka.

“ I would like to preserve the natural beauty of Sri Lanka and encourage the people here – visitors as well as inhabitants – to treasure the valuable resources that surround them, and to treat them responsibly.”
Thilak Wettimuni, hotel director

When he first set foot on the land on which the Thaulle Resort now stands, it was like love at first sight. He found confirmation in a Sri Lankan proverb that says: “To be happy, you only need water, a village and a stupa (a place of meditation).” Since all these things surround the land, the decision was easy to take. In 2011, the construction of the hotel finally began and took three years to complete. Thilak placed great emphasis on attention to detail and followed the rules of the traditional Indian architectural doctrine, Vastu. This can be seen in every corner of our Resort.

With Dr. Upul M. Rajapakshe, the head of our Ayurvedic centre, you are in good hands. He has been treating European guests for many years in high-class facilities, and is one of the most renowned Ayurvedic physicians in Sri Lanka. Dr. Upul was trained in all aspects of Ayurveda, including yoga and acupuncture, in Sri Lanka and India. At Thaulle Resort, he accompanies your personalized treatment from beginning to end: in cooperation with our therapists, he creates treatment plans that fit your needs, and ensures that all treatments are adapted to changes in your condition.

Pathmasiri Dharumuru Hettiarachchi is our chef de cuisine, who will stimulate all your senses with his culinary creations. Every day, he and his hand-picked team conjure up dishes from the Sri Lankan and international cuisines, and indulge our spa guests with traditional Ayurvedic meals. He gained his versatile abilities from 20 years as a chef in hotels and restaurants in Sri Lanka. He demands only the highest standards from himself and his staff. He is open-minded to new ideas and regularly complements our menu with his own creations.

The team of the front office will welcome you upon arrival at Thaulle Resort and will ensure that your stay, from the first moment to your departure, is a wonderful time you will fondly remember. The satisfaction of our guests is the number one priority. Turn to our front office team any time you have questions or requests, no matter if you have a concern about your stay at the hotel or need help organizing a tour.

Suminda Rubasinhe is our Food & Beverage Manager and runs the Thaulle restaurant, where he ensures an excellent quality of service. He and his motivated team will anticipate any of your wishes and will assist with the choice of food and drinks. No matter if ayurvedic diet or a menu for a special occasion: Suminda and his team will make it possible.


With Thaulle Resort, you are not just choosing accommodation. You are opting for a hotel that has the nature and people of Sri Lanka at heart. We’d like to make your stay unique and offer you the benefits of an Ayurvedic, eco and design hotel.
To protect the wonderful nature that surrounds us, we rely on renewable energy, operate our own solar and biogas plants and grow fruits, vegetables and herbs in our own gardens. But responsibility towards the environment also means responsibility towards the regional inhabitants. Therefore, we work hand-in-hand with the local people, employ people from the nearby villages, contract regional artisans and involve ourselves in the local community.
This close cooperation is reflected in our beautifully decorated rooms, which have a blend of traditional Sri Lankan craftsmanship and Western design elements. We are especially proud of the heart of our hotel: in our Ayurvedic centre, our spa guests can enjoy a holistic treatment that corresponds to the original Ayurvedic teachings.
We set the highest standards for the care of our Ayurveda guests: all our therapists and physicians are professionally trained, the senior physician (Dr. Upul) being one of the most renowned Ayurvedic physicians in Sri Lanka. He has over 15 years experience in caring for European spa guests. In the restaurant, we offer Ayurvedic food, as well as the culinary delights of both domestic (Sri Lankan) and international cuisines. Relaxation for all guests is guaranteed by our extensive outdoor area, including our fruit and vegetable garden and pool.
In addition to relaxation, we offer our guests countless opportunities to explore the magic of our island. The various activities range from a safari in the famous Yala National Park to exploring the holy city of Kataragama.
We will be happy to answer further questions about the hotel or our accommodations by e-mail or telephone.

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