Experience a Sri Lanka you won’t get from a guidebook, while staying at our hotel. Let yourself be charmed by the pristine and diverse side of our beautiful island. To that end, we have put together a handpicked selection of the most beautiful destinations for you. In line with our Green Philosophy, we place great emphasis on eco-tourism and sustainability while organizing our tours – so that nature and historic buildings can remain preserved and as impressive as we found them, and the local inhabitants are not disturbed in their daily lives.


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Yala National Park – the kingdom of the leopards

A visit to the Yala National Park is an unforgettable adventure: experience exotic animals such as graceful leopards and mighty elephants in their natural habitats. Discover over 30 different mammals and 130 species of birds in the oldest nature reserve on the island (at 1,500 square kilometres). Immerse yourself in the picturesque savannah landscape of lakes, rivers, lagoons and rock formations, such as the famous elephant cliffs. Wildcat fans will especially get their money’s worth: The Yala National Park has one of the highest leopard densities in the world. But you can even observe peacocks, crocodiles and monkeys at close quarters here.

The national park is located only 14 kilometres away from the Thaulle Resort and can be very easily visited before or after an Ayurvedic cure. Half- and full-day tours can be booked directly online or at the hotel. We will gladly help you choose the perfect trip.

Kataragama – a spiritual trip

Breathe in the spirit of Buddhism – by visiting the temple town of Kataragama. Within half an hour from our hotel, you can reach this deeply spiritual place that lies on the same longitude as Tibet’s holy Mount Kailash. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet pilgrims from three world religions. Kataragama serves followers of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam alike as a religious centre. This is especially reflected in its architecture. Admire, alongside impressive testimonies to Buddhist architecture, both Islamic mosques and Hindu shrines. Experience religious practice first hand by joining the morning and evening ceremonies.

Architectural highlights such as the Temple Kiri Vehera and the shrine Maha Devale will captivate you, as they have thousands of visitors and believers before you. Marvel at the animal inhabitants of Kataragama that quite naturally populate the streets there. The slender langur monkeys which, in Hindu mythology, embody the god Hanumam, and the magnificently decorated temple elephants. Everywhere you see the so-called “Bodhi Trees” – reminiscent of the fig tree under which Buddha, according to the legend, attained enlightenment. We would be happy to procure a professional guide for you to explore the holy city. You can book your spiritual excursion already, long with your stay with us.

Kirinda Beach – an oasis of tranquility

Let us take you to a pristine paradise, where you will forget your daily cares: our hotel’s own private stretch of the Kirinda Beach is an oasis of serenity. Enjoy the magnificent play of colours of the sunset or relax on a beach walk. If that’s too tame, you can immerse yourself (depending on the tides) in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Not far from the beach sits the stunning Kirinda temple, as if painted, on a rock and waiting to be explored by you – just like the nearby traditional fish market. Kirinda Beach can be easily reached within ten minutes by Tuk Tuk.

Further activities

Witness the everyday life of the Sri Lankan people – while visiting the town of Tissamaharama, which is only a ten-minute drive from the hotel. Stroll around the traditional fruit and vegetable market and enjoy the fruits of the Sri Lankan soil. Let the history of the ancient royal city awaken: in a visit to the ruins of Chandragiri and the old royal palace.

Impressive evidence of the nature of Sri Lanka is offered at two nearby nature reserves. Discover the Udawalawe National Park, 60 kilometres away, on a safari tour and be close up to its wild elephants feeding. In just 25 minutes from the hotel, guests can reach the Bundala Bird National Park: flamingos, pelicans, kingfisher and hornbills and numerous other exotic species of birds will make the hearts of bird lovers beat faster here. On request, we can organize transport and guides in both parks.

To visit one of the attractions in the area of the Thaulle Resort, you need not leave the hotel at all. You can enjoy the view of the beautiful Yoda Lake directly from our garden. Watch as sea eagles hunt for fish or water buffaloes move through the lake.

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