For us, taking responsibility means

✔ Responsible corporate governance
✔ Respect for human rights
✔ Compliance with labor standards
✔ Fair competition
✔ Active environmental protection
✔ Involvement of all communities
✔ Professional handling of our guests


We optimize all economic advantages of tourism in a balanced and fair way for our hotel and our local region.


We protect the environment and the climate and preserve natural resources instead of consuming them.

Our self-sufficient garden

It is in the heart of the farming region, but it is also and above all a land deeply linked to traditions and culture, surrounded by pristine nature. Tissamaharama is an unique area, less known than that of Yala with which it borders, but equally capable of filling our eyes with beauty.

The farm is situated in very close proximity to the hotel and we generally encourage our clients to visit the site by using our mountain bikes. This is an ideal opportunity for them to see the surrounding village areas and witness the locals going about their day to day lives.

Guests also have the option of been hands on at the farm. Helping with the planting, harvesting and the other chores in general that keep the farm running.

The organic cultivation or ecological farming is an agricultural system that uses fertilizers of organic origin such as compost manure, green manure, and bone meal and places emphasis on techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting.

We initiated this project with a view to the future where all of our food needs will be covered by our very own farm.

Our Ayurvedic plants

Socio culture

We reduce negative impacts on communities affected by tourism by preserving our cultural identity and heritage and by providing fair working conditions.

We work with TourCert

So that future generations can also enjoy and discover our planet, we promote responsible tourism in cooperation with TourCert .

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