Location: a haven in the midst of nature

Welcome to the heart of Sri Lankan nature! When you spend your vacation in the peaceful solitude of our Resort, you’ll leave the hustle and bustle of the Western world far behind you. Seemingly endless rice paddies stretch through the Hambantota district, where our hotel is located – a sight that blankets the soul like a comforting veil. The Thaulle Resort itself is located directly at the idyllic Yoda Lake. Only a short distance away, elephants and leopards roam through the picturesque savannah of the Yala National Park. But Sri Lanka’s oldest nature reserve is just one of the fascinating destinations in the vicinity. Even good weather is usually taken care of: due to its fortunate geographical location, the region usually remains spared by rains, even in the rainy season from April to June.

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View: a room with lake view

When the rising sun breaks glittering over the mirrored surface of Yoda Lake, you can watch the fascinating play of colours from your window, because every room in Thaulle Resort has a glass front with a balcony. Even the restaurant and our garden offer views of the lake. Soak up the harmony and vastness of the landscape, while majestic buffalo ply through the waters and eagles fish in the distance. When the sun sinks into the horizon and night falls, the illuminated dome of the stupa Tissamaharama Vihara can be seen perched above the lake and will give you a sense of the appeal of Buddhist architecture.

Nature: an invitation to discover

In a short tour, you will quickly discover that our hotel is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Sri Lanka. The diverse nature surrounding the Resort invites you to explore it, especially on foot. One of the most beautiful destinations is located directly on our doorstep: the Yoda Lake. You can comfortably explore it on foot, borrow one of the hotel’s bikes to reach it or sail on it in a catamaran. For a small but worthwhile attraction, you don’t even have leave the hotel grounds: make a detour in our fruit, vegetable and herb gardens, and enjoy the tranquility. With a little luck, a peacock will keep you company and sweeten your walk with a look at its colourful plumage.

Rice fields: the beauty of the red gold

If you let your eye wander a little further, you will discover, not far from the hotel, an equally beautiful as well as significant jewel in the Sri Lankan landscape: countless rice fields that stretch almost to the horizon. They are not only beautiful and soothing to look at but form a valuable source of food for the local population. The region is one of the main growing regions for red rice in Sri Lanka. Against this backdrop, the original function of the two lakes, Yoda and Tissa, is revealed: they were created as a sophisticated irrigation system for the surrounding rice fields. The lakes and rice fields are a good example that behind the impressive landscape hides a delicate balance – between what nature provides, and what man has created. To maintain and protect this balance is one of the major objectives of our hotel, which is why we place a high value on the thoughtful use of natural resources, as well as pay attention to a harmonious cooperation with the people of the region.

Land and people: harmonious coexistence

In keeping with our philosophy of sustainable tourism, it is important for us to build a connection with the people in the region and to live as harmonious neighbours with them. To put this project on a secure footing, we gave them the opportunity to visit us at the inauguration of our hotel, to get an impression of their new neighbours. We also maintain close contact with the craftsmen and companies who make furnishings for us, and invite them regularly to visit the hotel, where they can see how their work is being applied. So that our neighbours can also benefit from our success, we give people from the area the chance to train with us, and we assist the local farmers with food in prolonged periods of drought. This harmonious coexistence coincides perfectly with the Buddhist principles that dominate the region and also flow through the Thaulle Resort.

Spirituality: ever-present Buddhism

Buddhism is deeply rooted in the region, and its presence is also felt in our hotel. In keeping with tradition, we commenced the inauguration of our hotel with a solemn Buddhist ceremony (“Pirit”) and a parade (“Perahera”) from the temple to the monastery. Thirty monks then prayed a whole night long at the hotel in order to bestow it with protection. Not only in the hotel itself but also in the immediate vicinity, you will find evidence of the Buddhist tradition, like the white stupa Tissamaharama Vihara, which rises on a cliff within sight of the hotel, or the holy city of Kataragama. A particularly good time to be a witness to the actively lived faith is the full moon (“Poya”). Then, practicing Buddhists renounce meat and alcohol, among other things, and can be found in the temple, in white robes with freshly picked flowers, where they ignite incense and coconut candles and sink into prayer from early morning until late in the night.

Kirinda Beach: a piece of paradise

Just a ten minute drive from Thaulle Resort, one of the most peaceful spots on our island awaits you: Kirinda Beach. We have an exclusive section of the six-kilometre long, sandy beach reserved for hotel guests. You will find few places in Sri Lanka where you are so undisturbed. Forget the world around you by taking a walk on the shore and lose yourself completely in the now. Depending on the tides, you can dive into the waves of the Indian Ocean, discover the underwater world while snorkelling or try your luck at fishing. We take care of the transportation there with our shuttle service.


When you book your stay at Thaulle Resort, you simultaneously sign up for an unforgettable time in a unique setting: right from the hotel, you will enjoy not only the fascinating beauty of Sri Lanka but, in the shortest time, can be directly in nature and go exploring – from a small walk along the lake to a safari in the Yala National Park. At the same time you are in one of the most spiritual places in the world. Buddhism is ubiquitous in the hotel and the surrounding region. Let yourself be enchanted by the sight of fabulous stupas and visit the holy city of Kataragama, where you can take part in religious ceremonies in person. We will gladly help you with bookings and give you tips for excursions and your personal discovery tour of our beautiful region.

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