Yoga Holidays in Sri Lanka

You love yoga? We at THAULLE Resort too. Be a guest at our ayurveda & yoga hotel in Sri Lanka. In the peace and quite of our remote house you will experience the spiritual charm of the beautiful tropical island.

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Indulge yourself at THAULLE Resort, where you experience yoga in a wonderful way – and in extraordinary locations. Practice in our breezy yoga loft overlooking the Lake Yoda, or in the sea breeze on Sri Lanka’s mesmerizing coastline (Kirinda Beach). We turn every yoga session into something unique. And your meditation practice will deepen.

12 Days: Yoga Pur Package in Sri Lanka’s South

And these are your yoga highlights at THAULLE Resort:

  1. daily yoga practice (morning and evening at 1.5 hours each)
  2. daily meditation/chanting
  3. welcome event
  4. full board meals
  5. ayurvedic cooking class
  6. trip to the romantic Kirinda Beach
  7. visits of local temples and colorful farmers markets
  8. outdoor pool in the tropical garden, fitness room & leisure program
  9. optional: pure ayurvedic food
  10. optional: daily ayurvedic treatments & massages
  11. optional: airport transfer and other trips

We speak German, English and Singhalese.

Our yoga teachers

Our yoga teachers Somie Palliyaguru and Sathjaya Wimalarathne will guide you through refreshing yoga classes. Learn how to practice yoga asanas (exercises) accurately and effectively, and immerse yourself in energy-giving pranayama (breathing exercises). The meditations will deeply relax you mentally and physically.

Yoga types at THAULLE Resort:

  1. Karma
  2. Bhakti
  3. Raja

The yoga sessions in our yoga retreat are suitable for all levels. Enjoy your yoga holiday with experienced teachers who are sensitive to your strengths and needs. At THAULLE Resort, we value open exchange with our yoga guests so you can maximize the impact in your yoga vacation. Some of our guests even say, “It’s the best yoga resort in Sri Lanka.”

Your Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka: THAULLE Resort

At THAULLE Resort yoga is also an important element of the ayurvedic way of life. Yoga is a gentle remedy for tension and overwork. Relax in our luxurious bio resort with ayurvedic treatments, massages and delicious organic food. Ayurveda and yoga are like the two sides of the same coin: Both disciplines come from the ancient Indian sciences about life. These teachings include the ABC of physical and mental health and explore the causes of spiritual wellbeing.

You would like to experience more in the south of this beautiful tropical island? Then get to know our activities.

Special Offers for Yoga Teachers

You would like to teach yoga in Sri Lanka? Then bring your yogis from home! At THAULLE Resort, we are happy to provide our fantastic locations to yoga groups from around the world. You can act out freely with us and customize your lessons. Upon request, we will also put together individual yoga and ayurveda packages for you and your fellow travelers. We offer yoga teachers discounted rates.
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Summary: Ayurveda and Yoga in Sri Lanka

At the THAULLE Resort you can practice yoga daily – and combine it with ayurveda. Both disciplines strengthen the harmonious interaction of body, mind and soul. Yoga and ayurveda want to preserve your health and prevent potential illnesses. The combination of body and relaxation techniques as well as breathing and mindfulness exercises stimulates your life energy. Get to know this soothing and healing combination with us.

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