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Our cuisine – local, international und Ayurvedic

In our restaurant, we spoil you not only with a wonderful view over Yoda Lake, the pool and the orchard, but also with lovingly created culinary delights. Our chefs are trained not only in the preparation of international and local dishes but are also specialists in Ayurvedic cuisine. From veggie burgers and Italian pasta to local curries and chutneys, we meet all food preferences. We use only fresh ingredients, of course. This also applies to all seafood and fish, such as lobster, octopus, mussels and red mullet. Fruits and vegetables we partly grow ourselves; herbs and spices come from our own garden.

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Thaulle cuisine: regional specialties

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Ayurvedic cuisine: perfect balance

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Something for every taste can be found in our restaurant. We offer international and local specialties. We support your Ayurvedic treatments with Ayurvedic dishes that are adapted to your dosha type. Our chefs use only fresh ingredients, which we obtain directly from our region and also grow partly in our own fruit, vegetable and herb gardens. The fish comes from the Yoda Lake and from the nearby fish market in Kirinda.

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